Why Participate?

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel: Each year students and professionals are forced to reinvent the wheel. The best programs and advocacy strategies are often lost because student leaders and professional mentors leave without preserving or sharing that knowledge with others. Ask Herzl seeks to offer you a world of programs and strategies to support Israel on campus and in your communities. With Ask Herzl we can store and preserve that knowledge and programming.

Pay It Forward: Share your programs, knowledge, and expertise by submitting programs and How-To guides so that a new generation of Israel advocates can follow in your footsteps.

Connect with the Network: Connect with others just like you to find the right contacts in the Israel network to support what you are doing.

A strategic approach to Israel on campus: Many programs will be linked to how-to's, to not only offer programming alternatives, but to help develop strategic initiatives that address specific goals and challenges on campus.



Israel Across Penn 04/14/14

This program's goal was to promote positive sentiment on Penn's campus by hosting dozens of...

ICC Dialogue Group 04/07/14

iDialouge — • The primary aim is to empower a select group of people to take on leadership...

Sababa Carnival 04/07/14

Sababa. Enough said. — On a campus that isn't always focused on hard hitting speakers,...


Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank 03/05/13

This Video Tells It All! — An informative video on the situation in Israel, produced and...

A Taste of Israel 09/16/12

Learn about Israel through your Stomach. — This event heavily focused on food. Stations...

From A to Zionism 09/27/12

This event aims to highlight Zionism’s core tenets by engaging in it past, present, and future...